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The Beats Music,Is This The Spotify Killer?

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Yesterday when I first heard that Beats were embarking on a new music stream service,my initial thoughts were, "great,join the club" Lets face it,we've been bombarded over the years with some many music services such as Spotify,Pandora,Rdio to name a few,its rather hard to pick and choose which service you want to use on your mobile devices,for me Spotify is music stream of choice. When I actually downloaded the app my doubting mind began to sway me in the direction of positive thoughts about Beats Music.

When you first download and install Beats Music,you'er right away greeted with an very interesting feature that wants to know your taste in music. The interface itself is quite interesting you are presented with floating circles and bubble style interface that lets you choose your Genre of music,from there you get to pick your favorite artist. The uniqueness of Beats Music doesn't end right there,you are also is given the choice of either liking the artist,loving the artist, disliking the artist,the feature itself asks users to participate in a tap,double tapping and triple tapping motion.


The rest of the features in Beats Music is very similar to Spotify,you get to create a playlist,create a a library, and also like Spotify a users are given a choice to switch to Offline Mode which enables you to play you favorite tracks without the use of the web,and once again like Spotify you can go into your settings you have a choice in messing around with the stream quality in your music.

The overall interface in the Beats Music is very smooth and responsive no hiccups whatsoever,in fact,I found the entire interface design fun,yes fun,I probably spent a good hour messing around and playing with a lot of the features in the Beats Music for a good hour something I don't do with Spotify.


Is this the Spotify killer? That remains to be seen,like Spotify,Beats Music has a very large music library to the sum of 20 million songs. Probably the only drawback to the Beats Music is time,they are a little late in the game when you consider other steams services already have years under there belt. This can be a Spotify killer if and a big if, users of other stream music services are willing to give Beats Music a shot.

I gave it a shot and I love it,once you try Beats Music,would you be willing to drop other stream services for Beats? Leave you comments in the box below.


Quick Note: The Beats Music is available for iOS and Android and the entire stream service is free for only 7 days

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