Explanation Needed: Measuring Your Bandwidth Speed,Why,When What,How

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Welcome to the long very,long overdue Explanation Needed,in today's installment of tech explanation,we talk in detail how to measure your Internet speed,or the more technical term bandwidth speed.What do you really look for when measuring your Internet Speed, and are there various tools that you can use to measure your own Internet speed.

But first why do we measure Internet speed? We measure Internet speed to see if we are getting the bandwidth that we are paying for,not only that,we also measure Internet speed to troubleshoot any problems that we think might be taking place. Maybe you might be browsing various websites and webpages might be loading at turtle speed pace. Or even worst you might have depleted speed courteous of your Internet service provider,for lack of the better term "Bandwidth Capping" .

There are various tools you can use to measure your Internet speed,but the one tool that sticks out in my mind and everyone use is SpeedTest. SpeedTest is a free broadband Internet connection analysis website which is founded by a company that goes by the name Ookla Net Metrics.Users of this tool can test their Internet speed against hundreds of geographically placed servers that's situated around the planet.

The tool measures your Upload speed and your Download speed,your upload speed deals with data that's sent from your computer to server,download speed is data sent from server to computer. The test is perform completely within the users web browser over a HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). A clear indication that your Internet could be experiencing some problems is when your download speed is extremely low.


The great thing about using SpeedTest is not relegated to just computers,you can use on both your iOS and Android mobile devices.