The TOCZshiba Vertex 460 240GB: Lets Talk About It

File-It-Under: Storage tech By: D.F.Skin 2014-01-20 21-55-27_0

Outside of Samsung, OCZ probably manufactures some of the best SSD's on the market. This particular SSD (Soild State Drive) bares some interest from me,the storage drive is the Vertex 460,many hardware based websites were lucky enough to get their hands on this drive and gave it some positive reviews. The key technology within this drive is its Indlinx Barefoot 3 M10 controller which runs at  a lower clock speed which OCZ claims will not hinder the drives performance.

The new controller design also incorporates support for a newer flash as well as the integrated AES-256 encryption.Other noted specs with the Vertex 460 is its ability to sustain a Max Read speed that measures 540 MB/s, and sustain Write speed that measures 525 MB/s. It has a Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology better known as (SMART),it has a SATA 3.0 6Gb/s interface and a 2.5-inch ultra slim form factor . The 240GB version of the OCZ Vertex 460 SSD ships with a 3-Year warranty that comes at a $190 price tag.

Quick Note: If you notice the new name change with OCZ to TOCZshiba mainly because Toshiba just recently purchased the storage manufacturer a couple of weeks ago,which resulted in the name change.