PC Tools Tuesday:CCleaner

File-It-Under: Tools for the system By: D.F.Skin  




CCleaner better known as Crap Cleaner is probably the most popular utility app used by just about any human being with a computer on the planet,the app is synonymous to having forks and knives in the kitchen. If you log onto any computer today,you'er more than likely to see this app on any computers desktop.The app itself is developed by Piriform and is a utility program that cleans unwanted files which includes temporary files where malicious programs and code tend to attach itself to,the app also cleans invalid Windows Registry entries from your computer,think of this app as a pocketed Swiss Army knife it does just about anything.

How CCleaner operates is fairly simple,it cleans temporary and potentially unwanted files that is left over by various programs that includes Internet Explorer, FireFox,Google Chrome,Opera,Safari and other applications that leaves leftover junk files. CCleaner also cleans your web browsing history,cookies, recycle bin, memory dumps and system cache. It is quite possible for CCleaner to free up at least 1GB of hard drive space pending on your computer usage and how often you clean your dirty files entries.

This critically acclaimed program carries high accolades from many tech pundits like myself and even from the average casual computer user,its a fairly simple app to use and most important it works.Like many  programs I've recommended on PC Tools Tuesday,CCleaner is free and also has a Pro version that offers up more features.If you been hiding under a rock for the past 10 years( That's how long the app has been around) then you need to get on the CCleaner bus and download this app,a definite must have for your system.