An In Depth Look At Baumgartner Space Jump Film With An GoPro Cam

File-It-Under: Cam Tech By: D.F.Skin felixbaumgartner

Remember back in Oct 12 2012 the Felix Baumgartner space jump that made news around the world,millions upon millions witness this death defying feat that was streamed on the Internet. Most like myself was amazed that someone with a set of balls would even attempt to space jump 128,100 feet,that is roughly 23 miles from the earth surface. Well once again Mr Baumgartner is back in the news again only this time we have a complete film footage that was shot with a GoPro cam "The Hero2" the cam itself was mounted on his helmet and body,the entire film footage was shot in 1080p video quality.

The entire space jump being filmed with a GoPro cam is not the big story,the jump is part of a tomorrows Super Bowl ad promoting Go Pro's Hero3. If you want to view the entire video footage,checkout the Youtube upload on the bottom of this passage.