My Pebble Watch Now Gets An App Store

File-It-Under: Smart watch tech By: D.F.Skin  



As you well know I have song so much praises about my now month old Pebble smart watch. You can catch my written review of the Pebble smart watch right here . We always knew that Pebble will institute a dedicated app store,it was just a matter of when.Now we don't have to no longer wait as Pebble will open for business its app store tomorrow Feb 3rd.


The app store will consist of over 500 dedicated apps, the apps will be categorized in a organized fashion such as Daily, Tools &Utilities, Notification, Remotes, Fitness and Games. The app updates will be brought to iOS and Android devices (There are rampant reports that the Android version will be a tad late in the game) Also included is a Locker Feature where users can store their favorite apps. Users are allowed to keep 8 watch apps at a time.

The apps from the Pebble app store will be compatible for the first generation Pebble smart watch and the Pebble Steel.