PC Tools Tuesday Presents: Data Vac Electric Duster And Paint Brush

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Welcome back to PC Tools Tuesday,today usually I post free software that you can use for your computer that can extend life of your system. Today this time we detail not software but two actual physical tools that you can use to add life to your system,the DataVac electric duster, and a small paint brush (Paint of course not included). Its a known fact that dust build up can compromise your system with overheating and even worst,static electrical charge.

DataVac electric duster is not only for me a must have tool,but it also economically valuable, you no longer have to waste money on disposable air dusters where you almost always don't get full usage. The DataVac electric duster can also be used to blow dust off of your home theater equipment and even blow dust off of furniture. The DataVac pulls a lot of power at 500 watts and needs 120 volts electricity,probably the only drawback with the device is it has a tendency to get very hot during extended usage and it is very loud,very very loud almost sounds like a portable jet engine.The DataVac electric duster retails on Amazon at $59.00 which is a tad bit expensive,but you'll save a lot of money in the long run.

Now with the paint brush (paint not included) is a very cheap maintenance option you can get from any art store or hardware store. You can simply brush dust off your devices on the fly with a small paint brush and oh yeah,did I say it was a cheap option?