FaceBook's Paper App:The Quick Review,Lets Go

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When I first read online the FaceBook would be unveiling a new app right away my first initial thought was that of negativity. I mean lets face it,the third party Facebook apps that we've seen so far are very vanilla at best,even the official app constructed by Facebook itself well,um sucks.As soon as Paper hit the app store I just had to see what the big fuss was all about.Many tech publications like The Verge and Engadget were in awe of the new app,even said this is the best app ever created by Facebook. So I download the app and played with for the past few past and upon further review,the app is a BEAST,I got to say this is probably the best app I've downloaded in quite some time.Let's break it down and see why Paper app by Facebook is such a great must have app.

Great Interface

If you're a frequent user of an abundance of mobile apps especially if you're on the iPhone when you first download and play with Paper right away you'll know that this app is very similar to Flipboard, same type of interface with the magazine style layout with its finger flip gesture. With Paper though it takes it a step further,the interface itself is very active and smooth without the hiccups. Even awesome is how you can simply side flip through posted news feed on your time line.Its a full screen distraction free layout which is what Facebook promised it to be,I can most certainly attest to their claim.

Flawless Navigation

As I mentioned in the above paragraph Paper main feature is its flip style gesture,you navigate article to article through a series a swipes,this is most certainly nothing innovative nor new as we've seen many apps  use this same type of interface. With Paper though,the navigation is very fluid which is the one word that basically sums up the whole app entirely. Probably the beast mode feature with Paper is users can tilt their phone and arc across much bigger panoramic pictures.


Paper makes browsing through Facebeook Fun

I've mentioned this on my Facebook post when I gave a quick synopsis of Paper that with this app it actually induces positive experience when I'm on Facebook,to put it bluntly,its fun. One of the listed criteria when I use any app albeit the PC or mobile device is the app has to really peak my interest,if I always refer to the app then more than likely this is a app that I can't leave home without.


Paper is not only the best app I ever used coming out of Facebook,but it is by far the best I've downloaded thus far in 2014. The app has a smooth interface,easy to use from the start,and the app just looks pleasant to the eyes.Go out and get the Paper app.