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Explanation Needed: The Web Address Better Known As The Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

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Today's installment of "Explanation Needed,we give attention to the web address or in a techie term,the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). We all know that we have to type in an web address inside of a address bar in a search engine,but do you all know how these web addresses get translated and read by the computer servers on the other end? First before we quickly go over how a URL actually operate we must know exactly what a URL is. The URL,the uniform resource locator is used to specify addresses on the Internet,or as we call it the World Wide Web. An URL fundamentally identifies a network with resources that's connected to the web in a form of a hypertext pages, images, and sound files. Your basic URL format looks like this protocol://hostname/information, for an example http://www.yahoo.com.

The protocol specifies how all of your information from the link is transferred. The protocol all of us uses on the web resource are put in a form of a HyperText Transfer Protocol or as we all know to be HTTP.There are other web protocols that web browsers use,most recently Google switched over to a more secured protocol the HTTPS, other protocols are FTP,telnet, newsgroups, and Gopher.All web protocols are usually followed by a colon,two slashes and then the specific domain name. Speaking of which,the domain name is usually a computer to which the resource is located.

DNS Server

How does a web address get translated?

So you might be asking how doses web addresses get translated? All URLs contain some form of domain name,again for an example http//:wwww.yahoo.com, each time you use a domain name,you use the Internet's DNS server (Domain Name System)  to translate the human readable domain name into the machine readable address. Without going into detail because you'll need an entire blog post to explain it all, the DNS basically translates what we see www.yahoo.com to  which is an IP address acronym for Internet Protocol,the computer uses an IP address identify each other on a network.Remember the Domain Name System,well you can use any Top Level domain name which includes the most common .COM, .ORG , .NET , there is also .EDU which is what most colleges and universities use and .GOV which is used by most government agencies.


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