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AMD's Radeon R7 250X,The Sub-$100 Graphic Card

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If you'er a hardware junkie like myself and just love to build and upgrade computers yet don't want your wallet to be held hostage then you're in luck. AMD today just revealed the Radeon R7 250X graphic card,an ultra affordable graphic card that retails at $99 or give a take a few more dollars pending AMD's hardware partnership in reference to design. The graphic card is said to offer full HD 1080p when playing well known gaming titles.

The graphic card itself is a rebrand off of the Radeon HD 7770 that debut at a $159 price point. The featured specs within the graphic card sports a 28nm Cape Verde Graphics Core Next GPU with 640 stream processors, 40 texture units, 16 ROPs, and 1GB or 2GB of GDDR5 memory, running at 4.5GHz on a 128-bit bus, the engine clock runs at 1,000MHz.

AMD is clearly targeting the NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 650 graphic card, which is another affordable graphic card with high-end specs with a slightly higher price point. Here's the the benchmarking numbers AMD is offering up.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts: R7 250X = 42.6fps, GTX 650 = 28.2fps
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive: R7 250X = 130fps, GTX 650 = 96.5fps
  • DOTA 2: R7 250X = 77.6fps, GTX 650 = 41.7fps
  • Starcraft II: R7 250X = 72.6fps, GTX 650 = 62.6fps
  • World of Tanks: R7 250X = 39fps, GTX 650 = 29fps

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