The Sigma dp Quattro Camera Weird Aesthetics Meets Quality Imaging

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It isn't often I profile camera's on any of my postings but since I'm getting into the art and science of making videos and picture taking we kick things off today with the Sigma dp Quattro camera which to say the least has a pretty weird yet unique design. It has very compact stature semi long in length that curves.The aesthetics and design on the camera is not the whole story here, its the hardware that's impressive as it has pretty decent size sensor that measures at 23.5mm x 15.7mm, the top resolution in the camera is just under 20 megapixels,that's just only one of the Foveon's three layers,the other two layers shoots at 4.9 megapixels.Sigma boast claims that the three layer pixels reduces information processing yet won't compromise image fidelity. The ISO ranges from 100 to 6400, there are with the Sigma dp Quattro nine auto-focus points with an added manual focus ring and a 3-inch LCD with a standard 920k-pixel resolution.

All the measured numbers on the dp Quattro I just thrown at you adds up to a camera that has top notch features and promises outstanding image quality. Sigma will be offering choices of prime lens for three of its new cameras which goes as follows: dp1 will offer 35mm-equivalent 28mm focal length, the dp2 will give you 45mm and finally the dp3 will go up to 75mm. All the lenses will have an f/28 apeture,Sigma have not reveal a price point but there are reports that dp Quattro ain't going to be cheap. In the coming days or months I will post a price point on this site,stay tune.



Source Credit: Engadget,The Verge