PC Tools Tuesday Presents: Pandora Recovery

File-It-Under: Tools for the system By: D.F.Skin  



Today on PC Tools Tuesday,I bring forth to you an app I personally use on the weekly basis(Seriously I actually use this app every week), out of all the apps I have loaded on my hard drive, I consider Pandora Recovery the best utility app I have stored on my hard drive. What is Pandora Recovery you might ask? Its a free tool that helps computer users locate and recover lost or deleted files from your system.Users can spend an endless amount of time searching for lost files by simply browsing for files in your main Windows tree view,but simply is not a simple task,often you'll find yourself browsing through your Windows tree looking for that one lost file for hours.With Pandora Recovery wizard,the software guides users step by step during its critical process,it can recover lost or deleted files,provided that these files aren't severely damaged or overwritten.

You the user can open Pandora Recovery Wizard in both its main interface and program's recovery wizard, which you can setup to open each time by clicking a check box.The wizard itself then explains each step to the user,starting with an important message about recovered files to a location other than the actual disk that's being recovered from,for an example,your external drives or your USB thumb drive.

I personally would give a big recommendation to the readers to download this app,its a definite stress reducer when you accidentally deleted some of you more important files. I used Pandora Recovery Wizard to recover deleted pictures that I deleted off of my hard drive,it found ever single picture that I deleted. As always the apps that I recommend are free,as in the case with Pandora Recovery this is strictly a free open source software,there is no Pro version that needs cash to get full feature usage. As always as a strong recommendation,please stay clearly away from CNET download site as it is loaded with all types of dirty Trojan files and Malware.

Quick Nugget: When you delete files from your hard drive,the files are not entirely wiped off of your system,what usually happens is the file or software that you deleted gets place in another sector of your hard drive where it remains hidden.