Let The SmartPhone Rumors Begin,Images,Features,Specs Oh My

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I don't think I ever been bombarded with so many smartphone rumors in just a short period of time. In the past couple of days we have been hit with leaked images from three major smartphone manufacturers,the iPhone 6,HTC and what will be the new Samsung Galaxy 5. Let's take a look at each individual smartphone (pending of course) in detail and examine the features and images that were leaked on the Internet.


The HTC M8

The HTC One was highly regarded as the best smartphone in 2013,I for one who has held the smartphone in my hand have to agree with the masses that this is the perfectly design smartphone from top to bottom.The new smartphone from HTC pending name will be called the HTC M8,judging from the images that were leaked on the Internet,the smartphones bezel is even thinner than its early generation HTC One. Other noted rumored features include three buttons that is part of the screen which decreases the physical aspect of the device,most of your functions such as the home button will take place on the display.This would means that the display will been much bigger than the HTC One as seen on the leaked images. What's got everyone going crazy with curiosity is the rear portion of the device as we see what appears to be two cameras,if that's the case this could be an industry first. HTC will announce its new flagship smartphone next week at the mobile trade show in Barcelona.


The Samsung Galaxy 5

Unlike the HTC where we saw an actual teaser image,the new Samsung Galaxy 5 teases the masses with concept images.The Samsung Galaxy 5 in a away very similar to the HTC M8 in that physical home button will instead be on the screen. Judging from the leaked images,the Samsung Galaxy 5 will appear to have the same design though the bezel appears to be a lot thinner the Galaxy S4 The device is also rumored to have a high-resolution screen,possibly QHD in nature,and sport a brand new 16MP camera. Probably the biggest changes to the Galaxy S5 is it's software as TouchWiz will get an pending update with a all new pastel color scheme and a tile based menus that will resemble a board like design on an actual smartphone. The heated Galaxy S5 rumors also peg it as having Android 4.4.2 KitKat,much faster processor and smartphone being encased entirely in metal.The launching of the smartphone are rather sketchy,I read one report that it will launch next month,then there's another report where the smartphone will launch in April,stay tune.


Then there's the iPhone 6

What we see with the upcoming new iPhone 6 are strictly concept images,CGI images at that but we have seen these images with the iPhone 5. The images that we've seen floating around the Internet these past couple of days are suggest that the smartphone will be much bigger than the current iPhone5s. There is no other rumors in terms of hardware and software.