PC Tools Tuesday The Very Late Friday Edition Presents: WinDirStart

File-It-Under: Tools for your system By: D.F.Skin  


Today in this very late edition of PC Tools Tuesday I bring forth to you an app that doesn't really bring impact to your system but acts as an guide,that app is WinDirStart. As always I post Windows apps that is pretty popular with the Geek masses,what is WinDirStart? Its a graphical hard drive analyzer that is based on the Linux based application dubbed KDirSart. When I said that WinDirStart is a graphical analyzer I not kidding as the software gives a 3D visual image of your hard drive in real time. It analyzes your local hard rive which depends solely on the size of your disk.

When using WinDirStart,it scans out your entire hard drive to which can take some time give or take 5 to 10 minutes,after the scan process over,you'll see all of your files (for your drive of directory you choose to scan),displayed right before your eyes you'll see a bunch of rainbow colors. Each color represents a file type such as MP3,ZIP,EXE,JPG, and so on. By default, the files that's color coded Blue represents the files that takes up the most space on your  hard drive. The second heftiest is coded Red, and third largest is green. After the first 10 colored-labeled file types,the rest will appear in gray. You the user have the valuable option to change the default settings and colors through the Options menu.

Once the user has identified how much disk space is used, you can then simply make the decision where you can save disk space. The application itself which is WinDirStart is loaded with a bevy of features at your finger tips that allows you to manage your files, such as the ability to automatically delete files without engaging with the Recycle Bin.

WinDirStart comes highly recommended by moi (myself,me,you get the point) and is another app that is highly regarded in the Geek community,a must have download. Once again as always I end PC Tools Tuesday (The very late edition) with this: Stay clearly away from CNET download site as it is loaded with buggy malware that will cripple your system.

Quick Note: WindDirStart is an open source app,OK let me just say its free sparring you the dramatics.