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Nokia Reveals The Nokia X Line Android Base Smartphones: Lets Talk About It

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We all know Nokia  are known for their flagship smartphones the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia 720 and the Nokia 925 to name a few,all powered by Windows Phone 8 mobile OS. But now we have the new Nokia X the Nokia X+ and Nokia XL and guess what, it's not using Windows Phone 8 ( Well technically,more on that later) instead it'll be running Android,yes you read it correctly,a Nokia smartphone will be operated by Android and it has taken the WDC which takes place in Barcelona by storm.The Nokia X line smartphones, lets talk about it.

One of the first things I see when viewing images of the Nokia X is its design,yes the design,just look at it, its very compact and has somewhat a thin yet very smooth unibody. On the exterior of the smartphone,the X and X+ both resembles the 4-inch version of the Asha 503,constructed in the same polycarbonate chassis minus the transparent crystallize exterior. Judging by the images,the Nokia X and X+ does not appear dwarfed in the hands,it also does not appear overwhelmingly big.The device itself measures in at 10.4mm thick,like I said its somewhat thin yet not to thick where it'll weigh down your hands circa 2011 iPhone 4,on the other hand the Nokia XL is 10.8mm which is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 like.

The internal specs of the new Nokia X line goes as follows,the X will sport a 4-Inch IPS LCD display with resolution measured at 800 x 480, a fixed-focused 3MP camera, a 1GHz  dual-core Snapdragon processor, 1500mAh removable battery, 4GB of internal storage, a microSD for expansion up to 32GB and finally 512MB of RAM: the X+ will pretty much from all of my readings and crack research will have the same internal hardware specs with the exception with the X+ it will add on another 256MB of RAM and will come preloaded with a 4GB micrSD card.


The star of the show is Android on the Nokia X line which will use by the way a vanilla version of Android 4.1.2,the catch is,and yes there is a but to this,you will not have access to any of Google's suite services such as Google Play Store,Gmail, and other Google related apps. Now since the Nokia X line of smartphones is not running full stock Android it will be optimize to handle Microsoft Cloud Services such as Skype (The X will offer users one month unlimited international calls), One Drive (Its no longer Sky Drive) and Outlook,it also will have some throw in features like Here Maps , MixRadio ans so on. So what we have here in essence is a hybrid smartphone that's Android infused with Windows 8 Phone.

Noklia has pretty much stuck to tradition with an assortment of color choices,Red, Yellow, Lime Green, Orange,Black etc. As far as the price point,the Nokia X line smartphones will very budget friendly, 89 euros ($122) for the X+ 99 euros and for the XL it will come in at 109 euros. Now you notice when listing the pricing I mentioned Euros,reason being the Nokia X line smartphones will not come upon US shores anytime soon,so sad. Anyway,I'm reading reports that the smartphone will go on sale in the US during the 2nd quarter of 2014 so stay tune.

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