The Intel SSD 730 480GB The Enterprise Edition

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Its been quite some time that I've detail a hard drive that rattled my interest like that of the Intel SSD 730 480GB hard drive,but the hard drive has really rattled my interest,no really it has. First before we go on lets do a little bit of history with Intel's SSD storage drives,back in lets say 2007 or maybe 2006 Intel introduced to the world the X-25M series SSD at that time was a pretty big deal and one of the first best selling SSD's around at the time.It had it's moments where the drive was deemed a failure as it was littered with bugs and driver issues,once that was cleared out,the drive was pretty popular with a lot of hardware junkies at that time. Fast forward to today 2014, Intel are no longer the single major player in  SSD storage as you have Samsung,OCZ, to name a few who are solid major players in the solid state storage market. With that said,what's got me so interested in Intel's SSD 730? Let's examine the features and specs,move right along to the next paragraph.

The Intel SSD 730 480GB is what the title of this article states,its an enterprise edition that's supposedly geared towards big time servers and or geared towards super high end computer that handles super high intense applications.The hardware specs goes as follows,it runs a Intel 3rd generation (SATA 6Gbps) which equates to a storage drive that has super fast data transfer,Intel 20nm MLC NAND controller (NAND is non-volatile storage), the sequential Read/Write speeds are 550MB/s read, 470MB/s write, it has a 4K Random Read that measures 89K IOPS, 4K Write that measures 74K IO, it uses 1.5W /5.5W of power and of course it has 480GB of storage.

I would love to get my hands on this drive and run a series of tests,I mean its suppose to be geared towards the corporate systems but you can install the SSD 730 480GB into your ordinary system so don't let the word Enterprise scare you off,this drive would be great in a high-end gaming system.This will come at a price though,Intel wants a hefty $489 for their 480GB edition. You can pre-order it right now,shipping starts on March 18th.


Credit Source: AnandTech, PC Perspective