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Top Five Gaming Laptops You Should Buy Right Now

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Not everyone are willing to game on a gaming console,there are a large population of gamer's who much rather play games on a gaming computer. Gaming on a  computer especially an high-end system has its advantages over a gaming console,one being the hardware,which is usually much better than what you'll see in a console. Cramming high-end hardware into a laptop is even greater feat in itself,speaking of which,here's a list of my top five gaming laptops on the market.

1: Razer Blade

The Razer Blade - The World's Thinnest Gaming Laptop_May 30, 2013 10.51.18 AM_678x452

The number 1 gaming laptop on my planet in my opinion and many tech pundits would strongly agree. Everything about the laptop is all of that and more from the unibody design to its performance. The Razer Blade gaming laptop has gone where no other gaming laptop has gone,its thin. There is a 4th generation Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX graphic card crammed within all of this without sacrificing its thin design is pure genius in my opinion. It has a MacBook Pro design appeal with a beautiful jet black matte finish,an aluminum chassis that weighs only 4.1 pounds. Other gaming laptops should take notice at the Razer Blade gaming laptop. Here's the rest of my listed top five gaming laptops on the market.

2:Alienware 18

3:Origin EON17-SLX

4: Lenovo ideaPad Y500

5: iBuypower Battalion Ultra-Thin M1771

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