What's An Answer to Google's Chromecast? Roku's New Streaming Stick With More Than 1,000 Channels Just $50

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What's an answer to Google's Chromecast? Roku. Roku new stream stick which cost only $50,yes I know its $15 more than the Chromecast but you're getting 1,000 channels and it comes with a remote. The stream stick still works with iOS and Android and dare I say it again it has 1,000 channels. Just like the early version Roku stream stick,this new stream stick still plugs into your HDMI port. You can also stream with Roku from your smartphone and tablet,just like you would with the Chromecast. For $15 more you have more access to content on Roku--PBS and Showtime app are just an example.

Sooner or later Google will add more apps and content to the Chromecast I mean they just have to because they're Google,but if you don't won't wait for added content by Google give the new Roku stream stick a shot,I most certainly plan to. The stream stick will be available for consumers in April.