PC Tools Weekly Presents: AnVir Task Manager

File-It-Under: System Tools By: D.F.Skin  



Welcome to the revised format formerly known as PC Tools Tuesday its new name is now PC Tools Weekly. This gives me more time to compile up a couple of Windows tools you can use for your system without feeling compelled to an obligated day of the week. Moving forward,this weeks PC Tool is another freebie call AnVir Task Manager,its a one stop shop for managing your system's running processes and applications. To put it clearly,its basically a Windows Task Manager with a heavy dosage of features,the application itself has a bit of a steep learning especially if you'er not use to messing around with the actual Windows Task manager itself.

You have to pretty much as a user spend a great deal of time using AnVir as the interface itself can be a bit overwhelming. The software uses a series of tabs to distinguish system categories, such as start-up,applications,processes,block processes, and services. The command button that's placed on the top portion of the window gives users the ability to kill processes, block processes, free memory and also select a parent process. The very bottom of the window details CPU, memory and disk usage, this feature can seem like its very cluttered to the naked eye. A quick remedy to this is to place the mouse cursor over the two taskbar shortcuts which allows the the user to find the same information much easier.

AnVir Task Manager is another Windows freebie utility app I strongly recommend for current Windows users,though I must warn you as I mentioned in the above paragraph the app can be a bit intimidating that's why I strongly suggest that anyone who isn't tech savvy spend time and familiarize yourself with Windows defaulted Task Manager before you jump right in the download this app(To open up Windows Task Manager simply press CTRL + ATL=DEL keys). On a quick note,as always please stay clear away from CNET download site as the site is loaded with all types of buggy malware.