Razer Unveils The World's First Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Let's face it,if you want a quality keyboard hooked up to a high-end computer then you need to purchase a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are in and the old wireless keyboards are out,it is  time you guys step your keyboard game up and get with the Mechanical Keys. If you're especially into gaming  your inquisitive mind is pretty much forcing you to ask this question:Are there any mechanical keyboards made specifically for gaming? The answer is yes and it is created by Razer. Razer are known to create some high-grade computer peripherals made specifically for gaming, the mouse,gaming headsets,and even their well known Razer Blade Pro gaming laptops which is the worlds thinnest gaming laptop. Now we have the worlds first mechanical gaming keyboard.

The mechanical gaming keyboard introduces the Mechanical Switch technology which is engineered first for gaming alone,most mechanical keyboards you see on the market are almost always catered to the typist.


Razer states that it invested an abundant amount of time researching the needs of the gamer's, focusing on identifying the "optimal actuation distance for a gaming switch to a fraction of a millimeter. This reduces the distance between the actuation and reset point by almost half which allows for a faster,more precise gaming commands compared to standard mechanical keyboards. Razer has boasted that the lifespan for the keyboard that approaches 60 million key strokes.

The Mechanical Switch technology is currently available on the new Razer Black-widow gaming keyboards. The new technology will come in two types: The Razer Green switch that is tactile and clicky which requires a force 50 g actuate and the Razer Orange switch that is tactile yet very quiet, requires a force 45 g to actuate.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OrNkzTho6w]  Credit Source: Razer and Hothardware