A Working Lego Keyboard? Yes!

File-It-Under: Lego engineering By: D.F.Skin


Now I've seen pictures of houses built out of Lego's,model ships built out of Lego's,even Star Wars battle cruisers built out of Lego's,but an actual functional keyboard? The kind that you plug into a computer and you type on? Yes and its existence is proven as the keyboard has gone viral over the net with actual images. The Lego builder who I deem as a mad scientist  goes by the name Jason Allemann. He is the man behind the Lego keyboard prototype.This is not his first attempt in building functional Lego keyboard,back in 2005 the Lego the mad scientist Jason Allemann attempted this build with a working keyboard out of Lego's using used curved out Microsoft keyboard. The curves prove to be a bit of a challenge, and the project itself was abandoned.

Present day 2014 the new project this time came from a membrane of a discarded generic keyboard that was found on the side of the road. The keyboard itself is fully functional, the NUM Lock, Caps Lock, and the Scroll Lock LED's light up,all are functional. The actual core of the keyboard is placed right into a simplified Lego frame.

The Lego Technic connectors is what holds the Lego keys together its placed above the core. The entire keyboard  features a liberal use of Technic bits,this is a well thought of solution to a much complex design issue trying to space the keys correctly.

The actual keys are legitimate Lego-constructed pieces, with no custom prints or stickers. Allemann had to really reach deep into his creative juices when choosing pieces to represent certain keyboard commands, for an example the Home key is a red colored house roof piece. The question mark key is a piece from a Lego"Harry Potter" series  with a sock that's placed upside down which takes the form of a question mark.

You want proof that the keyboard exist and actually is functional,take a quick look at the video on the bottom of this post.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEEzQKJfNE0])