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Samsung Announces a 20nm 4GB DDR3 Energy Efficient RAM

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Samsung this past Tuesday announced (Yesterday to be exact) that they are producing in large numbers an advanced 4GB (Gigabit) DDR3  RAM (Memory) that's based on the new 20nm technology. Given Samsung history in innovative technology, the tech titan says that their able to improve the RAM's yield by more than 30 percent compared to 25nm DDR3, which more than doubles the 30nm-class DDR3.

Samsung states that the process of scaling DRAM memory in each cell that consist of a capacitor and transistor  linked to one another has become more difficult than the NAND flash memory cells, the NAND flash memory does not require a capacitor. To conquer this problem, what Samsung did was tweaked its design and manufacturing technology that modifies double patterning and atomic layer deposition.


The modified double patterning technology created by Samsung is considered to be a ground breaking milestone.The technique behind the 20nm DDR3 production is done by using the current photo-lithography equipment which will usher in the next generation of 10nm-class DRAM memory. Samsung were also able to create an ultra-thin dielectric layers of cell capacitors, this results in a much higher cell performance Samsung states.

So to those reading this post might be caught in a loop as to what's going on this basically means lower cost memory and will consume less power. According to Samsung,20nm 4GB based modules will save up to 25 percent of power consumption.


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