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Windows XP Runs 95 Percent Of The ATM Machines Around The World: Did You Know?

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This is a new feature I'm introducing to Tekspecz.net call "Did You Know?" Yes I know it's rather vanilla and lame but there are those out there that are totally oblivious to what's going on in technology. So its my job to educate the masses and delivery facts and snippets of information. We kick things off with Windows XP and how believe it or not  runs 95% of most of the ATM machine around the planet. That means the aging 12 year old operating system powers the ATM machine you probably just finished drawing  money from. The US alone has 42,000 ATM machines and the majority of which is run by Windows XP. You might say "So what,why is this a big deal? " Well Microsoft will soon disband their support for the operating system, April 8th to be exact.

The insane thing is for years Microsoft have given consumers a warning that the support will soon end,yet the ATM industry have been very slow to react. NCR which is the biggest supplier of ATM machines in the US have stated most ATM machines run the full version of Windows XP, some use the embedded version of the operating system that's supported up until 2016. Most machines will eventually move to Windows 7, with Windows XP support reaching its demise there are reports that only 15 percent of the US ATMs will be running Windows 7 by April 8th deadline. That means thousands of machines will be running out of date software, even worst,there some companies opting to purchase support contracts with Microsoft to extend the life of Windows XP according to Bloomberg Business Week. So if you're at a ATM and have read this article,you might be wondering am I using a ATM machine that has the up to date software? Just a thought.



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