Reports Are Apple Wants To Launch A 8GB iPhone 5c On March 18th

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Now I'm a bit confused as to what Apple is doing but more on that in a few minutes,but first lets talk about the rumored reports  that Apple on March 18th will release a consumer budget friendly iPhone 5c an 8GB version. According to leaked documents that leaked online from O2 Germany, Apple is looking to boost its failing iPhone 5c by launching 8GB version that will retail for 60 euro less than the current 16GB model. This must mean that Apple could discontinue its still popular iPhone 4s,now as I stated earlier I'm a bit confused because there were strong rumors just a few weeks ago that Apple wanted to discontinue selling the iPhone 5c models.With the smartphones trimmed down hardware  showing up in Germany, we'll probably  see the 8GB iPhone 5c show up  in retail stores around the planet.