Google Wants To Build SmartWatches Really They Do And Here's Their Plan

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You knew this was going to happen I mean why not,everyone has hoped on the smartwatch bandwagon why not Google. Well that's exactly what Google is doping,today Google released to the public eye its new plans for their smartwatches and it's being dubbed Android wear so as you see they will not actually build a physical smartwatch that's being left up to Motorola and LG who both showed off to the general public being me and you a visual look at what an functional Android smartwatch will look like,what you see in the images below and above is Android Wear on concept devices.


Google Wear operating system whole concept is to focus on a single task at once,yet it will still displays two different operations at once. All of your most important information is placed on the bottom of the watches display, while the context background will appear above it,Important information will appear in the background when using map apps, Google Maps will appear in the background while routing information is shown on the large portion on the bottom of the display.


With Google presenting you its plans for a smartwatch,next on the docket is Apple,Apple your move.