Toshiba Releases The Self-Encrypting Hard Drive,Huh?

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Encrypting hard drives is very common in the tech industry,TrueCrypt is one of many encrypting software that comes to mind and is a pretty popular encryption software used by many in the tech industry,but the problem with using software such as TrueCrypt is it has a steep learning curve when setting up the application for hard drive-file encryption. In some cases most who try to use software like TrueCrypt,many will end tossing the software aside which in turns w leaves your hard drive unprotected.So how do you solve this problem? Simple solution would be to construct a Self-Encrypting hard drive so that users won't rely on the use of software,well this is exactly what Toshiba has done.

Self-encrypting hard drives solves the age old issue of  users relying on software to encrypt data. Toshiba has just released to the public a brand new line of self-encrypting hard drives dubbed the MQ01ABUxxBW series. The drives itself will fall in line of the mobile grade units that measures in  at 7mm thick.

So basically these self-encrypting hard drives are thin enough to fit right inside of a laptop which essence offers secured data on the go. Toshiba states that this is the very first self-encrypting hard drive that will offer a validated FIPS 140-2 standard.

The self-encrypting hard drive is designed to meet the Trusted Computing Group Opal security sub-classification and Level; 2 of FIPS 140-2 standard. Toshiba states that the hard drive has been put through a series of cryptopgraphic test. This is certified by the US Federal Information Processing standard, a hard drive like this will enable officials to store sensitive data.All of this translate to a very secured hard drive that can even thwart the prying eyes of the NSA. There is no set date for market release or pricing.



Credit Source: Slash Gear and Toshiba