The HTC One M8: What You Need To Know

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Just recently I  posted on this very site that I strongly felt that the Oppo Find 7 pound for pound is the best smartphone on the planet. Well maybe I might have to give strong consideration to the new HTC One M8,if not the best smartphone on the planet,it most certainly is the sexiest smartphone around. Last years edition of the HTC One garnished raved reviews for its impeccable design,the only smartphone on the market that has the perfect speaker placement,better yet the only smartphone that has best sounding speakers on any mobile device which by the way are made by the famed  Beats Audio. With that said,what's changed with the newly pristine HTC One M8? Here's what you need to know.



Design and body

Many admit including myself that the 2013 version HTC One is regarded as being the sexiest Android device on the market,the same can most certainly be said with the new HTC One M8 it pretty much still has the ultra-thin uni-body with its signature rounded off corners,the biggest change is the increased size of the display,the overall smartphone is a tad wider and longer. As you can see in the images I've posted the HTC One M8 still has its perfectly placed speakers that's on the top and bottom of the device,and yes the speakers are still made by Beats Audio. The late version HTC One extra metal covers 70-percent of the smartphone,with the HTC One M8,you now have 90-percent of the device encased in metal. Not seen on the early gen smartphone is the narrow strip of plastic that surrounded the edge of the device, the new HTC One M8 instead curves a smooth and pebble-like tape on its edges.



Internal Hardware

Like most Androids smartphones you see on the market,HTC One M8 spared no parts when it comes down to hardware (Get it? spared no parts,hardware? get it?) Straight out of the box it has a 5-inch 1080p Full HD display.The internals of the HTC One M8 goes as follows: Qulacom Snapdragon 801 is its processor that measures 2.3GHz,paired with 2GB of DDR2 memory,16GB or 32GB of internal storage. The M8 has a micorSD slot which can go up to a 128GB in card capacity.Probably the most standout feature on the HTC One M8,or shall I say the most talked about is its new Duo Camera system,it has a Ultra Pixel sensor technology that includes a 1.3-inch BSI chip with 2.0 um pixel size and f?20 ,28mm lens.




On the software end,the HTC One M8 runs Android 4.42.2 code name KitKat with its famed HTC Sense, the Sense software has had a complete makeover from its pixels on up,it pairs back more chrome yet still is dedicated to touch keys for Back and Home with on-screen alternatives. There is also consistent color-coding across different categories.Probably the the most interesting feature in the HTC One M8 in terms of software is BlinkFeed which is a magazine style interface that resembles the FlipBoard app,the feature is design to pull in articles from media sources and websites,from there it serves up all of the gathered media sources and places it all via a vertical scrolling panel.







On to the connectivity includes a HPSA + and LTE, with various bands which you know all depends on the carrier model. The Euro-device will only offer HSPA+maximum on US GSM networks like AT$T and T-mobileUSA,it will also get into LTE networks in Europe.