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Here's The latest iPhone 6 Leakage,Its Thin and Curvy

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For the better part of the past few months we've seen all types of concept iPhone 6 concept images,but lately we are seeing actual leaked images of what appears to be the new iPhone 6. The latest leaked images that has gone viral on the web are what appears to be a totaled redesign of the new iPhone,its much thinner and wider with curved corners. There are numerous reports that there is a insider at Foxconn that is sharing these current images from an actual testing station. If these current leaks are legit,we are all witnessing the handset in a testing rig and 3D graphics of the pending design.

iphone-6-foxconn-leak-820x420 (1)

This in a sense is very historical in that this could be the first time ever seeing images of a leaked device that's in actual production right before launch.There is even leaked images of the actual schematics of the new iPhone 6 and in those blueprints it pretty much matches what we see in the actual real time images,a much thinner,curved iPhone 6 that is much larger than the current rendition of iPhone .


The new iPhone 6 leaked images pretty much honor many iOS pundits wishes of a much larger device,though the actual display itself  still appears to be smaller,a bigger iPhone is indeed refreshing. Stay tune as I'm sure we'll see more leaked images of the next gen device.

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