The Cooler Master Glacier 240L All-In-One Liquid Cooler

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Cooler Master are one the worlds leaders in computer accessories that range from PC cases, a wide variety  of desktop and laptop cooling instruments. There are many manufacturers such as Cooler Master that make similar products but today we take a close look at  the Cooler Master Glacier 240L all-in-one liquid cooler, which is our product of focus. Anyone in the PC building game or have a general knowledge of components and hardware knows that Cooler Master offer a wide variety of all-one-one liquid cooling products. The Cooler Master 240L cooler is pretty special in that it has the unique ability to add-on an additional cooling block within the base loop. The Glacier 240L has an fill port that's integrated into its base of the radiator for drainage and refill, and it uses removable clamps on all of its connections for easy cleaning and tubing configuration.


The features on the Glacier 240L cooler goes as follows: it has a 240mm copper-finned radiator with a add on additional water block that's  built right into its loop. Cooler Mater call its design "Semi-DIY" why that particular name you might ask? Basically the device can used as a high performance all-in-one cooler or expand to include other water cooling components in your PC build. It combines a 25mm wide 240 x 120mm copper radiator (it has brass internal channels) and copper water-block that's housed in an acrylic encasing that's strictly used for pump and unit electronics. Using this copper/brass radiator and a copper CPU block setup, avoids mixed-metal issue that occurs with most all-in-one units on the market,most units you see on the market use a much cheaper aluminum based radiator. All of its barbs are integrated within the radiator and CPU block are placed in a 90-degree barb with a full 360-degree rotation,this allows for a unparalleled mounts configuration.

The Cooler Master Glacier 240L liquid cooler is now available on both and for $139.99 with free shipping I might add.