PC Tools Weekly Presents: VLC Media Player

File-It-Under: System tools By: D.F.Skin  


Welcome to  another installment of PC Tools Weekly were we at Tekspecz.net have another software or tools for your system that comes in a form of a multi media player,VLC which is acronym for VideoLan media or VideoLan project or you can refer to its name of origin VideoLan Client either way its still a multi media player and a damn good one at that.

VLC is well renown throughout the tech community for being an free open source cross platform media player that can also serve as a media server. The media player lends support to just about any audio and video compression and file formats thrown its way, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3, and OGG, can also play DVD's and VCD's as well.


The features with VLC is pretty much straight forward it has it's grahpic equalizer,play back button which is pretty much  what you'll see in most media players,but there's one particular features that I find interesting is its Audio Video Synchronization Effects feature, this includes a graphic equalizer that has an abundance of preset customization tools that includes dynamic range compression, an audio spatializer tool, and a AtmoLight video effects,there is even interactive zoom logos and overlays.

The main reason why you must have VLC in your PC Tool Box is because the media player can handle a myriad of file types,codecs,like I said,it can handle just about anything thrown its way,dare I say the media player can even handle your um! bootlegged videos. If your defaulted media player can't play a particular file type,fire up VLC and it will smoothly handle the latest video codec without any hiccups. This app is a definite must have,you can download VLC from a variety websites,my advice would be to go directly to VLC's for a safe download, VLC is compatible with all versions of Windows,Mac OSX and Linux,you can also install it on your iOS and Android devices. As always I give a strong recommendation that you stay away from CNET's download website as it is littered with malware and web browser hijack software.

Give VLC a try and tell me what you think,leave your comments in the box down under.