Logitech Unveils The "Tunable" Proteus Gaming Mouse

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A good gaming computer can go a long way in performance especially if you have the top-notch hardware within,but what's a insane gaming rig if you don't have the top notch peripherals (Mouse and keyboard)  that's attached to it. That's why I make it my business to always attach nothing but the best of the best in computer peripherals. Speaking of which,Logitech my favorite computer peripheral manufacturer just released what appears to be a insanely constructed gaming mouse the "Tunable" Proteus Core gaming mouse.

The mouse is design to let the user fine tune playing surface which increases the mouse accuracy,precision and responsiveness. The user can control the weight and balance by customizing the gaming mouse so that it suites the comfort of the user. The Proteus G502 has over 11-programmable buttons,each of the11 buttons can be programmed which offsets game commands and macros. The G502 has in-game DPI shifting,the user can on the fly shift through 5 DPI settings,Logitech claims during games the mouse can give a precise head shot a 200 DPI but can also increase to a rapid 12,000 DPI during maneuvers.

For more listed features and specs,just head right over to Logitech's website,about that price,Logitech is asking consumers to shell out $79.99 for this gaming peripheral and it is now ready for purchase.


Credit Source: Logitech and HotHardware