Explanation Needed: What Is Direct X Technology?

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Ah this indeed is a good edition to the newly minted installment of Explanation Needed,Direct X technology. You might have seen Direct X technology being discussed or seen the term Direct X 11 or Direct X 12 talk about in tech magazines,websites or  heard  the conversation amongst tech geeks. Believe it or not, Direct X technology is very important, it's the main cog that drives graphic based applications in your Windows operating system.

So what is Direct X technology in whole? To put everything in a simplistic format so all the readers get a grasping of what it is, Direct X technology is basically a collection of written applications-programmable-interface or API for short that handles related tasks to multimedia. It was created to enhance games,active web pages and other forms of multimedia applications that runs on a Windows operating system. Its basically a bridge for hardware and software connection. There are a collection of APIs which includes the following: Direct3D which helps developers create 3D graphics, DirectPlay which is a plug-in end user, DirectSound which is an interface that incorporates sound with images, DirectInput used for input from I/O devices, and finally DirectDraw which lets developers define two dimensional images,this also helps manage double buffers and specific images.

DirectX was created by Microsoft to ensure multimedia programmers would have an easy access to hardware functions. At the moment we are currently using DirectX 11,so if you ever seen the term DirectX you know that its the main engine the operates or enhances graphics in your Windows OS.