OnePlus One SmartPhone,What's The Big Deal?

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As the title of this post goes,what is the big deal with this new smartphone which is dubbed the One (no relations to the HTC One) which was just unveiled a couple of days ago. It has generated a huge buzz amongst the tech pundits and gadget hounds alike. Aside from the incredible hardware specs which we will get into in a few,there is a reason why everyone is so stoked with unbelief with the One smartphone.

What's got people so going out of their minds in regards to the One smartphone is its pricing, the smartphone has basically under cut the Nexus 5,its a total unlock smart phone that OnePlus has price listed it at $299 for the 16GB flavor, $349 for the 64GB flavor,if my math serves me correct,that's roughly a $100 price cut off the price of the current Nexus 5.


Now lets get to it with the hardware specs,aside from the its unbelievable price listing the smartphone has some pretty bad ass specs within starting with a fully packed Qualcom SnapDragon quad-core 2.5GHz processor, Adreno GPU and 3GB of RAM. The display on the One smartphone (again,no relation to the HTC One) uses a 1080p IPS LCD 5.5-inch panel, it is protected by the famed Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The One smartphone is powered by a built-in 3,100mAh battery.Moving on the camera, the One has a speedy 13-megapixel f/2.0 camera powered by a Sony owns Exmor IMX214 sensor,it has a 6-lens module and dual LED flash. What's a high-end smartphone without its ability to take 4K video, the One which is a high-end smartphone duh! captures 4K video; 720p slow motion at 120 fps, the front end of the camera is an incredible 5-megapixel wide angle cam perfect for selfie shots. So what about the sound situation with the One smartphone,the speakers are powered by the famed JBL speakers and has a tri- microphone with noise cancellation.


Equally impressive is the One mobile operating system which is powered by Android 4.4 but its layered customization with a full version of CyanogenMod. If you don't know by now,CyanogenMod is known for its pretty sleek ROM with some beautiful enhancements,the Oppo N1 which also runs CyanogenMod but on a more scaled back version, the One is the first of its kind to run a full version CyanogenMod ROM on its smartphone.To add to its legitimacy, the One will ship with the CyonagenMod logo on the back of the smartphone.



The external portion of the One is also impressive,very sleek design that resembles closely to the Oppo Find 7 in fact just a little nugget of information for the readers, the CEO of OnePlus was a former employee at Oppo so go figure. OnePlus stepped up its design by applying textures on the back of all "silk white" and sandstone black to the rear portion of the smartphone. The white version has a special coating that's made out of powdered cashew nuts which lends itself to its "baby skin" feel. If for any chance you loathe the default covers,consumers have a choice to swap covers with 7 different flavors from bamboo wood to blue denim.


I stated that the Oppo 7 is the worlds perfect smartphone,but the One might have stolen some of the Oppo Find 7 greatness as being the worlds perfect smartphone. I have no information on the time table for market release of the One smartphone,but I'm reading from several publications that the smartphone has already been released to the US market last week on April 25th. If anyone from OnePlus is reading this post,can you please send me a review unit,thanks.