Internet Explorer Zero Day Bug Exploit Affects Millions Of IE Users

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If you're one of millions using Internet Explorer or shall I say still using it then you might want to pay close attention to this post. It is reported that a security firm who goes by the name FirmEye has discovered a Zero Day vulnerability,gee that should come to no surprise to many as IE has always been prone to attacks from hackers since days of Windows XP. But what makes this latest exploits special? Well mainly because there are still millions of computer users still clinging onto Windows XP and will be left out of the loop once Microsoft comes up with a security patch for this latest exploit. Microsoft if you don't know by now no longer honors Windows XP so no security patch for you.

In all seriousness, Microsoft has reported that this dreaded vulnerability will affect Internet Explorer 6 through 11, this attack will allow hackers to take over your computer remotely if you happen to visit a malicious website. According to guys from FirmEye security firm,they have found evidence of attacks that targets IE 9 through 11 that will use a Adobe Flash exploit technique to gain access to your computers memory.

Microsoft are rapidly working on a security patch for all versions of Windows ,but once again if you are still using Windows XP Microsoft will not support the now 12 year old operating system which ended its support a few weeks ago.In the meantime Microsoft highly suggest users enable the Enhanced Protection Mode if you're using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 for x64-based machines and Windows 8 systems. Or here's my suggestion you can try ditching the IE altogether and switch over to Google Chrome or FireFox where such vulnerabilities are on the rarity