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The Next Generation Gigabyte Motherboards:Lets Talk About It

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Gigabyte which is my favorite motherboard manufacturer( I own a couple of em myself) just released a group of next generation motherboards deserves some focus and consideration. These are some interesting motherboards even more interesting is how Gigabyte is releasing these motherboards in a form of categorize series,yes you have a bunch of motherboards being unleashed by Gigabyte. You have the Normal Series motherboards, Gaming Series motherboard,Overclocking Series motherboard and finally you have the Black Edition Series motherboard.Without going over every single nuts and bolts on these motherboards,lets quickly do a feature run down on these motherboards.


The Normal Series Motherboard

Calling this motherboard "Normal" is a bit of a understatement because the board pretty much have similar features found in the high-end series motherboards.The features on this particular motherboard is about bringing stability during overclocking operatioons. This Normal Series motherboard features a matte black PCB with a nice gold chrome heat sinks, very nice. Other noted features are a Dual NICs, enhanced overclocking features that's integrated into the BIOS, supports up to six fans via its integrated fan headers, enhanced BIOS multi-language support and more user friendly Start-up options screen, enhanced Gigabyte App center with all the Gigabyte utilities integrated which includes a redesigned EZ tune and system information. Moving on to Gaming Series motherboard.......


The Gaming Series Motherboard

This Gigabyte Gaming series motherboards features an up to date branding and aesthetics which appeals to the PC enthusiast and gamer's, the main importance to these series of motherboards is towards putting a greater emphasis on performance. This line of motherboards features a matte black PCB with a dark red, chrome heat sinks. The chipset heat sink that's on all the Gaming Series boards has a featured logo right on top of the chipset.The noted features on this motherboard are as follows: a 4-way AMD X-Fire and NVIDIA SLI supports placed on a Gaming WiFi board that's integrated PLX PCIe bridge chip, a 3-way AMD-Fire and dual-card NVIDIA SLI support on lower tiered boards, it has a integrated Creative Sound Core3D audio sound. Then we have the next motherboard.....


The Overclocking Series Motherboard

This motherboard is straight up design for system builders looking to push their hardware to achieve maximum performance without sparing any feelings,this board is made for guys looking to achieve sub-light speed,seriously it is. You still have the usual matte black with an added orange color scheme in these series of motherboards. The following noted features include a 4-way AMD X-Fire and a dual-card NVIDIA SLI support, OC DIMM switch bank that enables and disables individual DIMM slots, OC PCIe switch bank which enable and disable individual PCIe slots and lanes. It has real-time application of overclocking settings in the BIOS, the OC connects the USB blocks that's located right by the SATA port block for easy access to USB ports from the front end of the motherboard. Then finally we have the Black Edition Series.......



The Black Series Motherboard

Its pretty tough to get a gauge at what the Black Series motherboards are,I would like to call it a combination of a high-end gaming and Overclocking motherboard.Judging from the testing that took place,this board can take some serious punishment. Gigabyte at its lab tested for stability and performance,the board was put under 168 hours of tests,that's exactly one week of straight testing of the CPU and GPU. The end result, the Black Edition motherboard was validated with a full 5 year warranty from Gigabyte. That's  guaranteed that even under extreme conditions this motherboard will hold up. The motherboard pretty much has the same features as seen on the other high-end boards we just talked about with an added enhanced heat sinks on the UD5H and UD3H Black Edition boards.


Its safe to say Gigabyte has some pretty bad ass lineup of motherboards here,if you head over to PC Perspective which is one of my favorite tech websites, they have a very detail write up on each Gigabyte series motherboard. Would you include any of these motherboards in your next build? Drop the comment in the box.





Credit Source and Image: PC Perspective and Gigabyte






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