SteelSeries Releases The Sensei Wireless Gaming Mouse

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You normally wouldn't see good quality wireless mouses that's fit for gaming,but Steelsereies might be on to something here with its new  Sensei wireless gaming mouse.Steelseries have a great reputation for making some outstanding gaming peripherals and hardware,I myself own the Steelseries 6Gv2 mechanical gaming keyboard and refuse work or game with any other keyboard. The origin of SteelSeries is from Denmark and have headquarters in the US and Taiwan. Steelseries have a wide variety of products,if I were to cover every single product manufactured from this company, I'd probably need a separate website just to cover their products. Today though lets set our sights and focus on the Sensei wireless gaming mouse.


The design of the mouse in itself is very unique,it has the classic or shall I say standard symmetrical design,it leaves  choices for left handed or ambidextrous users and the mouse said to presents  comfortable prolong usage. The Sensei wireless mouse has buttons placed on either side of the mouse,these two buttons makes it easy for users to press these buttons with the thumbs. The ribbed wheel of the mouse is said to offer some comfort yet at the same time its not to soft or has a stiffed wheel. The top button of the Sensei Wireless mouse though its not programmable can be used to cycle through all of its CPI settings.



The over viewed specs on the Sensei wireless mouse goes as follows: it has a cutting edge laser sensor, a max configurable battery life that lasts 20 continuous hours, Configurable frame rate that goes up to 12,000 FPS, CPI that goes up to 8,200. The mouse has a optimal ergonomic design that has a seamless switch between wireless and wired settings, it has a 30 million Steelseries clicks life cycle, 8 programmable buttons,it has a multi color battery and RF indicator.


The exterior aesthetics of the Sensei wireless mouse is really impressive,but equally impressive is its charging base,its constructed in a all aluminum accent with a rubberized soft touch. It has 16.8 million color illumination on the base and mouse, the illuminated color pulsates with effects.

There are reports from several tech publications that the Sensei wireless  gaming mouse performed well,in fact it earn very high grade. Probably the only drawback,and this is a big drawback in my opinion is its price. Steelsereies is asking consumers to shell out $159 bucks which is a lot of money for a mouse,even for a high-end gaming mouse. If you don't mind spending that kind of money on a computer peripheral, the device is ready for purchase on Steelseries website.





Credit Source: SteelSeries and AnandTech