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Explanation Needed: Apple v. Samsung,What Is The Beef All About

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So if you haven't been paying attention lately or in the past couple of years,Apple and Samsung haven't been playing nice with each other,going at each other in courts suing over patent infringements,or if you want to get suave and technical,they're fighting over intellectual property. Apple is laying claim that Samsung is literally ripping off technologies pertaining to smartphones and tablets,and even software. Samsung on the other hand is suing Apple for,you guessed right, patent infringements.So basically what you have here is,you sue me I'll sue you better.

These two tech titans have a history of these court battles that goes as far back since the days the late great Steve Jobs was running things at Apple. Apple have won the first round which forced Samsung to cough up $930 million dollars,ouch.

In the latest court saga, Apple is suing Samsung over the following patents: Apple 647 quick links, Apple 959 unified search, Apple 414 background synchronization, and finally Apple 172 auto complete. And once again Apple has won this battle forcing Samsung to once again cough up some money which was a reported $119 million,this is far below what they were originally seeking which was $1 billion, nevertheless its still a victory for Apple.

Though Apple has won the latest court battle,I'm sure this fight between these two tech titans will continue for years to come,maybe generations to come,or decades to come,this battle is just only beginning.


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