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The Anker 40 Watt 5-port Wall Charger A Wall Charger That Finally Makes Sense

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Its rather disturbing when here it is its the year 2014 and not one smartphone manufacturer have solved the issue in regards to better battery power. Even more disturbing with so many people like myself who have an abundance of mobile devices,I myself have not seen a well designed,fully functional device that can lend itself to power more than one deviceĀ  (most wall units on the market power only 2-3 devices). I mean have you really taken a look around lately? Almost everyone have at least 4-5 mobile devices that needs charging via its USB ports. In comes the Anker 40 watt 5 port Wall Charger,I think I might've found a device that can solve all of my issues.

Part of the issue with most USB wall chargers is they either don't provide enough power per port or they simply don't have enough USB ports period. I myself have count em, 5 devices that needs charging, I find myself most of the time charging each device either on separate computers or wall sockets all at the same time spread out all over my house. The Anker 40 5-port wall charger solves the issue in two important categories, more power per each port and more USB slots which is 5.


The Anker 40-watt 5 port charger is much smaller the early generation charger which is the Anker E 150 25 Watt wall charger,the new unit pushes more than 40-Watts total combined through all 5 of its USB ports, 5 volts at as much as 8 amps. All 8 amps can actually go through a single USB charging port. Probably the main reason for the added power to the Anker USB charging wall unit is its implemented technology to small ports that's dubbed the Power IQ. This form of technology enable the wall charger to boost much more power to charging devices upon request,regardless what the physical port that's attached.

Now you would think a unit like this would require consumers to shell out a lot of money, but this particular unit, the Anker 40 Watt charger cost just $25 and presently can be purchased on Amazon.


Credit Source: PCPerspective, AnkerDirect





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