The ASUS GeForce GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II

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If you been following this website and closely observed my content,you know that most of the hardware I profile are graphic cards. For me outside of having a quality processor or memory,a good decent graphic card lends itself to having a well constructed system. To put it all in perspective,I just love the hell out of a good graphic card. This bring us to the ASUS GeForce GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II graphic card. This particular graphic like all the other graphic cards I profiled on this site has some pretty bad ass specs. So without dragging the intro any further,lets take a brief look at the specs and features.

The one thing that seems to separate the ASUS GeForce GTX 780 Ti from other high-end graphic cards on the market it has a very unique cooling solution. It has a prepped up prime cooler that cools the graphic card up to 20 percent and much quieter by a factor 3 compared all the other NVIDIA's reference cooling solution. As you can also see in the image the graphic cards design is a very slick customizable fashion statement  that included on the card,there are two sets of metallic stickers ,one set in gold while the other in red. This adds a stylish spunk to the all black heatsink color scheme.

As you know,the other graphic cards I've profiled on this site has some pretty serious specs,the same with can be said with the ASUS GeForce GTX 780 Ti,before we get in depth with the specs, just a little reminder that this graphic card parts is based on the NIVIDA GK 110 GPU platform,which is constructed on a 28nm manufacturing process by TSMC. This all adds up to still being one of the fastest GPUs on the present market, this particular brand you can say of a revved up engine on a Roll Royce. It sports a 954MHz base clockspeed with a 1020MHz boost clockspeed, versus 875MHz and 928MHz boost colck respectively.

Other noted specs and features are a 2880 CUDA cores single precision, a 960 CUDA cores double precision, 700 MHz memory clock (Data rate), 1536K L2 Cache,  a Total video memory that measures 3072MB GDDR5 (this equals to 3GHz of video RAM), 384-bit memory Interface, Total memory bandwidth that measures in at 336GB/s.Moving right along,we have a 7.1 Billion Transistor Count, a 2xDual-Link DVI,1xHDMI, 1xDisplay connectors, and a dual slot form factor.

The recommended power supply is 600 Watts, but for me I always say go with a 700 Watt power supply,just my opinion. It also has a 250 Watts thermal design power and finally a 95 degree C thermal threshold.

As with most high-end cards with such impeccable technology this graphic card isn't cheap,it comes in at a $700 price tag. If you have that spare money piling up in your mayonnaise jar and feel the need to add oomph to your system, the graphic card is sitting on Amazons website ready for purchase.