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Explanation Needed: What Is A Frame Rate Or FPS (Frames Per Second)

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What exactly is Frame Rates? Or for the lack of the better term Frames Per Second (FPS for short), welcome to the newly minted edition of Explanation Needed where I rapidly in so many words explain Frame Rates and why its important in video,gaming and motion picture.

Frame rate,also known  in a more technical term as Frame Frequency and Frame per Second is the video frequency at which any image that produces consecutive images call Frames. The term itself applies more to video, film cameras, computer graphics and motion picture captured systems. Think of Frame per second as the eyes capturing motion images in a picture frame,frame per frame.


From a scientific aspect of it all,Frame rate has to do with how images are processed with the human eye and brain interface. The human eye itself can process 10 to 12 separate images per second, which can be perceived as any individual image. The threshold of the Human visual perception can vary,it all depends on what is being measured.When the human eye looks at a lighted display,you'll notice a brief interruption of darkness which exceeds about 16 millisecond or longer.


In regards to motion picture filming,the industry standard filming and projection formats at 24 FPS (Frames per second). Shooting at much slower rate causes the film or video project a fast motion, while the opposite happens when shooting film or video higher than 24 FPS  creates a slow motion projection.

The best way to see Frame rate at work is during gaming,video games that is. Frame rates in video games normally refers to the speed to which the image is being refreshed. The realism in games such as Call of Duty or  Batman Arkham Origin which are some of most famously known titles are known to have pretty decent stock frame rates,most graphic intense games usually maxes out at 60 FPS,but you can exceed even a much higher FPS in gaming, but it all depends on the hardware that's in your computer,usually that falls in a category of high-end graphic cards and a decent computer monitor. A computer that has hardware or a graphic card that can't abstain a decent frame rate often results in images being uneven and choppy.


Most games that's created today lock their frame rate a lower but suitable level to give a much more consistent smooth motion.Many gaming enthusiast or gaming geeks as I like to call them will often try to achieve the highest FPS possible, but again that all depends on what type of hardware that's running in your computer.There are many types of benchmark applications that's released to the market like 3DMark and FurMark, the main focus with these benchmark applications is the measure the FPS. You want to squeeze out as much frame rate as possible to get that realistic fluid game play.


When it comes down to it all in regards to video games and computer animation, there is a key technology that's needed to make these images look as realistic as possible without seeing the lag and choppiness,that technology is "motion blurring" .Without motion blurring film or video games will not look as fluid,even at a higher frame rate.When you have a fast moving objects that is moving in two consecutive frames, there is a gap between images  on the two frames which contributes to a noticeable separation of the object and its afterimage within the naked eye. With motion blurring it mitigates this effect and reduces the image gap when two frames are connected. So in essence,motion blurring imposes two images of a fast moving object into one frame. Motion blurring make motioned images more fluid to the human naked eye.

If you want to look at Frame rate at work,take a look at these two videos I found on Youtube, can you see the difference between 30 FPS vs 60 FPS? You be the judge,leave a comment in the box below if you notice any significant difference.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02WBbpiZFE8]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es_QgmiBBMM]  


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