Lenovo Launches The New ThinkSation P300 Workstation,Who Said The Desktop Computer Is Dead?

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Lenovo a couple of days ago  just launched two new workstation computers or as I like to still call em desktop PC's, the ThinkStation P300 series and it has generated somewhat of a  mental buzz . One is your traditional Tower model,the other being a small form factor computer (SFF for short). Its good to see Lenovo show some love to the desktops after for so many years flooding the market with some pretty well made decent laptops. Lets take a close look at these two workstations.



We have the tower version spacious enough to accommodate up to four 3.5'' hard drives and one internal 2.5'' drive, the small factor (SFF) version holds only two 3.5" drives. Both models offer an optional mSATA storage that comes in three different storage cpacity flavors, 24GB,128GB and 256GB,alongside with up to 4TB of traditional storage drives. It has a numerous amount of PCIe slots as well as a PCI slot,surprisingly you can as a option add a Firewire and a Serial ports, the biggest drawback with the P300's is they only have just one Ethernet port which is kind of weird knowing most modern desktop computers today have at least two Ethernet ports as standard.


What's pretty interesting is Levono are dubbing these machines the "Flex module" what does Flex ensues? Flex modules are a way for the consumer to cherry pick out certain ports,components and drives at the point of consumer order.With the FLEX you can accommodate an optical drive,29-in-1 media reader,eSATA port and as I mention before a Firewire port.


In terms of the processor and the graphics,consumers have a option of acquiring a Intel Core i3,i5,i7, or the ever so powerful Xenon X3-1200v3 processor. Onto the GPU front,Intel HD P4600 Graphics are the baseline,with an consumer option NVidia Quadro K600  for the SFF,or a K400in for the tower model.Whats a workstation without memory,the ECC memory is available up to 32GB of RAM capacity.

The ThinkStation P300 price point starts at $729 and will be available for purchase in June.