Five Things I Want To See In The iPhone 6 Or Else I'm Gone Android

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I must first admit this to the readers before we go on,I never owned an Android smartphone or any Android device for that matter. I must also admit that I'm a biased lifetime iOS loyalist,it's been that way for several years since the iPhone 3G. I said to myself,I pledge my life to the iPhone and I'm not changing my tune. Well a funny thing has happen over the years,Android has offered more choices in devices,the mobile OS has gotten better, and the smartphones itself have gotten bigger and better with its design.On the other hand the iPhone is well still the iPhone,same interface, the same smartphone design. Yes the iPhone has vastly improved its hardware,but its still the same ole iPhone you know.

In fairness what's kept me attached to the iPhone over the years is my ability to jailbreak the device which in turn gave me freedom to customize and add tons of applications that I couldn't add if I resorted to using the iOS appstore,I mean that's the only reason why stayed away from Android devices. With that said,I still find myself constantly gazing at other Android smartphones asking myself this question: Why can't my iPhone do that?

As 2014 is about to reach its mid point we are starting to see some bad ass Android devices flood the market,in fact last year alone we saw Android make a big splash with the consumers overall,with the likes of the HTC One,Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3 and we even have smartphones such as the Oppo series and the One( no relation to the HTC One) take notice in the eyes of  many.

I'm going to be very brunt,I been pondering thoughts about switching over to Android,but being the fair man that I am,I'm willing to give Apple one more chance to get itself together or else. Here's 5 things I want to see in the iPhone 6,if these changes aren't met,bye bye iPhone.


1: Bigger and Better Display

I for one thought bigger smartphones looked very odd and goofy,that is until I got to play with several Android devices and saw how much room there is on bigger displays. Makes it so much easy to text message and navigate from app to app. Android devices in my opinion have very bright sharper displays. Now we've seen all the iPhone 6 mock ups on the Internet and every single one had the iPhone 6 being tabbed for a much bigger display,lets hope Apple sticks to the trend and give iPhone owners what they really want,a much bigger display.



2:Better Battery Life

I know its a lot to ask here given the fact the iPhone 5 and 5s have a beefed up processor and graphics chip,but lets face it,the battery life is horrific. For once i would like to charge my iPhone every 2 or 3 days,imagine that,being able to do what I want on my device on a single charge that last 24 hours, that includes streaming video for hours,Internet surfing etc and still have enough battery power to get me through the rest of the day. This is probably the number one complaint with iPhone 5 owners,lack of an extended battery life.



3: Customizable Home Screen and Widgets

One of the biggest advantages of having an Android device is the freedom to add all sorts of widgets and being able to customize the home screen. Android owners have had the luxury of doing this since the Android 1.0.I might add that you can do this with the iPhone,but that means you'll have to jailbreak your device to achieve this feat,which I rather not do.This should always be at default,not a resorted jailbreak. Apple have more than enough money to change up their software and implement widgets into their OS.This would be a huge boost to the IOS platform.


4:SD Card slot

Again,this something that Android owners have enjoyed since day one,the ability to add more storage to the device. I wish Apple would cut the shit and be honest with its consumers.They make money off of consumers based on the amount of storage you're willing to pay ,I know it sounds rather abstract but its true.If you want more storage on your iOS device,you have to shell out more money. Shouldn't consumers be allowed to add more storage without resorting to buying a whole new smartphone? This for me is a long overdue upgrade,one that would not obstruct the design of the smartphone.


5: Better Camera technology and Software

For me I think 8 megapixels is all you really need to take good pictures on a smartphone. Where Apple has failed and the competition has gained is technology and software.You have Google releasing its Lytro-like-depth-of field lens blur effect for its Android devices, then there's the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 being able to shoot video in 4K,ouch.