The Surface Pro 3 Is This The Mac Book Air Killer? Lets Talk About It

File-It-Under: Revealed hybrid devices By;D.F.Skin c95ea030aa584e81_SurfacePro3Primary_Web.xxxlarge Microsoft just introduced its highly anticipated Surface Pro 3 a couple of day ago and as you well know if you been following all the tech websites,it  has created a buzz amongst all the tech pundits abroad. The Surface Pro 3 has some pretty interesting standout features,more interestingly is the design and build.So lets talk about the Surface Pro 3 and see if this hybrid device is the MacBook Air killer or just an ordinary hybrid device. microsoft-surface-pro-3-designboom03

About That Design Though

The design of the Surface Pro 3 is by far one of the most standout feature in the hybrid tablet/laptop its has its signature boxiness design,which by the way was much maligned by many gadget hounds. The previous surface Pro 2 model has a 10.6-inch screen and is 13mm thick,10-6-inches by 6.8-inches. The new Surface Pro 3 is much larger and thinner in its dimension coming at 11.5-inches by 7.9-inches,dropped thickness to a very impressive 9.1mm.


The Specs and Features

Into its thin build the Surface Pro 3 manages to have full size USB 3.0 port,a microSD card reader, and a Mini DisplayPort, a 5-megapixel 1080p HD front facing and rear cameras, as well as stereo speakers with Dolby Audio-enhanced sound. The main hardware specs includes a SSD storage that measures from 64GB to 512GB, 4GB to 8GB of RAM . On the connection front, the Surface Pro 3 has the usual 802.11ac or 802.11a/b/g wireless standards with TMP 2.0 for enterprise security. The Surface Pro 3 uses a Core i3 or i5 processors ( it has a 1.9GHz clock speed) which runs at a low ultra-low voltage cooled by a slim quiet fan that's practically soundless. The display is a HD touchscreen that measures 12 inches diagonally with a 2,160 x 1,440 resolution.



The Kickstand and Keyboard

Aside from the Surface Pro 3 impressive hardware specs, the main features with this hybrid device is its keyboard and kickstand. The kickstand which has a total redesign can adjust to nearly any angle between 22 degrees and 150 degrees. Oddly enough,probably the most standout features with the Surface Pro 3 is the keyboard yet its a peripheral that doesn't come with the device,you have to purchase it for a $129 price tag,there are high-end gaming keyboards that doesn't rival that price tag,but nonetheless,for me its still the most impressive add on for the Surface Pro. The keyboard pretty much snaps on magnetically like the covers on the iPad. From what I've read from publications and websites who had the honor of testing out the Surface Pro 3, the keyboard gives off a loud clacking sound when typing,but still and all its still in my opinion the best features on the Surface Pro 3.



Yes There Is A Stylus Pen

The stylus pen has also made a big change with the Surface Pro 3,Microsoft ditches the Wacom stylus pen technology,instead uses a N-Trig active digitizer. The pen  total redesign is suppose to give users the feel of a normal ink-pen based and feel comfortable in the users hands.The screen on Surface Pro 3 gives off just enough friction when users write on it it feels like paper.



That Said What About The Price?

The price of the Surface Pro 3 is about what you'll see in any high-grade laptop.The starting retail price is at $799. The price goes up as you increase your hardware specs. You can now go on Microsoft's website and put your bid in for a pre-order,the market release date will be June 20th.