How To Setup A Home Surveillance System Using A Smartphone, A Computer And Skype

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There are so many things you can do with your smartphone,even I'm guilty of this at times,for some reason or another we just don't  get enough out of our $500 mobile devices.Not because we don't want to,but because either we don't know what other functions we can perform on our devices,or we're just content on performing mundane tasks on our smartphones.Yes,we do the basics on our smartphones, you know Candy Crush,log onto FaceBook,check the Twitter news feeds, and more importantly take stupid selfie pictures. Did you know that you can turn your mobile device into a a mobile guardian? You sure can. I'm going to show you a  easy way to setup a home surveillance system by using your smartphone and your computer without spending a dime of your hard earn money.

The tools you need goes as follows,a computer,smartphone,webcam and Skype,that's right,Skype.

More than likely you already have a Skype account,I mean what computer owner don't have Skype added to the desktop icons nowadays. If you don't have Skype,go right ahead and download Skype which is a free download. Once you download the software go right ahead and setup an account. You now want to download and add Skype to your mobile device,but instead of using the same account you have on your desktop,create a different Skype account on your smartphone.


You now have two different Skype accounts your main Skype account on your desktop and your second Skype account that you created on your smartphone,so now here's the clincher,you want to create a home surveillance system using just your Skype which by the way is a very simple process all you need to do is tweak the settings.

Pull up Skype on your desktop computer or laptop and click on the Tools option,a drop down menu will appear it'll say Change Language-Skype WiFi-Options, click on where it say Options. Once the Option window appears,click on Call Settings,from there check Answer incoming calls automatically box.this will turn your camera on automatically when there's a incoming Skype call. Now what you want to do is add your account you created on your smartphone to your Skype contact list on your desktop,then you want to add the account you have on your desktop to your contact list on your smartphone.


Now here's the scheme,when you call your Skype account you added on contact list,your other Skype account at home on your computer will automatically answer your call and your webcam on your desktop or laptop at home will  automatically cut on. You can now literally see a real time video feed of whats going in your home. I'm a repeat myself again, you can literally see what's going on in your house simply by making a simple Skype call from your smartphone.Ladies and gentleman you have now just created a home surveillance system for free without the paying for a geeked out technician,paying for expensive equipment and software,blah blah. You can now see who's using on your computer without your authorization,catch a cheating mate,or worst, peak in on a burglary in the process,assuming there is a crime taking place in your home.

Before we conclude this tutorial a brief reminder if you have a lot of Skype users added to your contact list, you might want to go back into your settings and un-check Answer calls automatically box,you don't want your Skype contacts catching you in a uncompromising position when you're at home when they make Skype calls,only use this Skype surveillance setup when you're leaving your home,you would then put the check Answer calls automatically box back in. Also,to make the camera operate in stealth mode,turn off LEDs,sounds and alarms,reduce the brightness level and time out of display to a minimum and also cover the display with a black card or paper to hide the display's lights. This method will most definitely ensure that the camera will only stream video when needed without arousing suspicion. You can also perform this entire operation on a tablet,just follow the same steps.