What Do WhatApps,SnapChat,Android All Have In Common? IOS 8

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As I sat and watched the entire Apple WWDC this past Monday live stream on my trustee MacBook Air, OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 took to the forefront at the developers conference (Sadly no new devices were revealed). Indeed I was pretty impressed with Apple's upcoming new operating system (OS X Yosemite),equally impressed with iOS 8. As I took a closer examination at iOS 8 and its new features that were being displayed,I couldn't help but wonder to myself where have I seen these features before in iOS 8. Then I ask myself this question after seeing the WWDC keynote address,is Apple the new Android? Not only that,are they WhatsApp,Snapchat and throw in FaceBook's messenger app all rolled into one?Let's dig deeper and do a little comparison by viewing the images below this passage.



The upgraded messaging (iMessage) features closely resemble what you see in WhatsApp,Snapchat, and FaceBook. You can now with the new and improved iMessage  share photos quickly as well as voice files. You can also delete video messages after a extended period of time to avoid storage clutter. You can with the new iMessage,tap and hold on the button to record, and slide your finger to another button to send. The user interface design then echoes a instant video chat,this of course is a Snapchat feature that was not long ago introduced to SnapChat users.



We have the new and improved SMS messaging which now allow users to group message, yet does this feature look familiar? Does WhatsApp ring a bell? Which if I stand correct were the first to implement a group messaging feature into a SMS app.




We have the Quick Reply feature that is now part of the iOS 8 platform,but if you're a frequent iPhone jailbreaker like myself, this feature has been part pf the Cydia App jailbreak platform for years.Android owners have enjoyed this features since the mobile OS inception.

Finally we have the Quicktype feature which is an alternative keyboard with suggestive typing with content awareness. Again,if you're a frequent iPhone jailbreaker or an Android user you've seen and enjoyed this feature for quite some time.




In closing,I'm in no way trying to create friction between Apple fans and Android users,that war has already started if you have read all the current forums. This is clearly imitation in the form of flattery,in fairness,what technology company not play the copycat game? Its been done for decades. Just take a look at how laptop manufacturers copied off of the MacBook Air's design,Asus,Windows Surface Pro 3 comes to mind,Apple are the pioneers of the thin uni-body laptops. If you think about it, its rare for tech companies to innovate the next great thing,that happens once every 20 years. We wouldn't have this conversation right now if it weren't for the well,the iPhone.

What do you think readers? Are these new features in iOS 8 a bold rip off by Apple,or is this simply imitation in the form of flattery an harmful copycat.