Honeywell's Lyric Thermostat Nest Finally Gets A Challenger

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When the Nest was release to the masses two years ago, I said to myself that this is truly innovation at its finest. Taking an age old technology and making the thermostat not only relevant, but at the same time infusing new age sleek features into the device, at the same time making the thermostat intelligent, intelligent enough to know you're at home habits. Imagine that, a thermostat that actually thinks for you and yet very simple to use. Yes, there is no way thermostat manufacturers would or could even make such a device that will compete with the likes of Nest thermostat. With that said,we now have Honeywell's own new thermostat, the Lyric.Not only is this thermostat serious competition to Nest,but the Lyric has some pretty cool features that I like over the Nest's features. The Lyric thermostat to me lends itself to some legitimacy in true home automation. Lets closely examine the Lyric's design and features
The Design

The Lyric's design though not original still has its recognizable iconic rounded design with the more modern twist of the Nest, a much larger display and a outer ring that's said to allow users to smoothly adjust and rotate the temperature up and down.The Lyric thermostat is encased in all plastic uni-body yet many who have had the honor in testing out this device said when touching the device they were quite surprise how sturdy and solid it felt,it can definetely stand up to the riggers of daily adjustments. The front of the thermostat only has two visible front buttons: one to toggle between your present "at home" and "away" temperatures, and one to toggle between your preset "at home" and "away" temperatures, and one to pull up 12-hour weather forecast. The layout is very similar to what you see in a smartphone apps like Yahoo weather and The Weather Channel.


Its Features

Lyric has features that to sets itself far apart from the Nest in my opinion. Its uses a innovative technology call geofencing, this form of technology updates your house's climate based on whether or not anyone is home.Once the user installs the corresponding app on the iOS or Android device,the Lyric will know when the user has left the house and will adjust your heating and cooling system accordingly.When you reenter the geofence,the system will set itself back on so it will be comfortable to the home owner. There are two different geofencing settings,there is a 7-mile radius for the suburban settings two which the user will most likely be farther from the home, and then there is a 500-foot setting that'll likely be suitable for those who live in the city. Multiple devices can add different household members that can be added to your account.So what we have here is a Lyric thermostat that actually thinks for the home owner and learn its schedule.


Aside from geofencing,the user can control the Lyric several ways through its app,user can set up quick shortcuts to automatically raise or lower temperature,tie them to real-world events,such as going to bed,have a large number of guests in your house,simply if you just want to quickly move the temperature up on a chilly night. I want to add the whole setup with the thermostat in terms of how you would control the device is via your wireless network (WiFi).

So what we have here is serious challenge from Honeywell,the Nest thermostat is a pretty nice thermostat but you have to admit some of the features on the Lyric is pretty neat and its what you should see in all thermostats in my opinion.If you're interested in getting hold of such a device,it will be available to market sometime in August,retailing a recommended price at $279 in the US.