What Can $3,000 Buy You? This NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z Graphic Card

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When you think of what $3,000 can do for you nowadays,you think maybe put a small down payment on a car,pay this months rent (depends if you live in NYC) or even buy a brand new high-end, super spec out gaming PC or you can buy several computers,but did you think for one minute that $3,000 can buy you a single graphic card? I think not,but that is what you get with the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z graphic card.Let's take a real close look at why is this graphic card a beast and worth the price of a whole entire computer,or um maybe several computers.


The NVIDIA GeForce Titan Z graphic card is an absolute beast,I'll say it again,its an absolute beast,this is some serious hardware. You basically have an entire computer system laid out on one PCB (printed circuit board). This graphic card dubbed by NVIDIA as being the fastest graphic card on the planet,the specs on the GTX Titan Z are of this off the planetary scale. You have 5,760 CUDA cores, an  amazing 12GB of total graphics memory, 8.1 TFLOPS of peak compute performance,2 x 2880 stream processors, 2 x 240 texture units, 706MHz Core clock speed, 876MHz boost clock speed, 7GHz GDDR5, the GTX Titan Z has two 110 GPU's this is like having two graphic cards in one,the graphic card pulls over 375 watts of power. Speaking which,the GTX Titan Z power delivery mechanism on the board uses a 12 power phases (split in half for each GPU), which resides in the center of the card between GPU's. This delivers power to the VRM's 8-pin PCIe power socket .


With all of that power this graphics needs,extreme cooling is needed to keeps things running stable.The 375 watts that's required to power the graphic card is cooled through a triple slot cooler to dissipate the heat.Triple slotted graphic cards are normally what you'll see in a lot of high-end designs. The triple slot cooling design itself is coupled with a split-blower design cooler and also has a very large heat-sink. So in essence cooling setup on the graphic card is what's giving the Titan GTX Z its overall girth,in total this graphic card will take up 3 PCIe slots.


The output options on the Titan GTX Z goes as follows, a pair of dual-link DVI connections, a full size HDMI and a full size DisPlayPort.On a $3,000 graphic card,one would expect to see at least 2-DisplayPorts,but there is only one sadly.

So this is what $3,000 can buy you,a graphic card that is supremely fast,heavily stocked with hardware yet it is very long and hefty which means you cannot fit this graphic card into an ITX case. You'll need a very big roomy computer case to accommodate the Titan Z graphic card. Currently the Titan GTX Z is being sold as a listed EVGA in stock on Newegg.com for the $2999.