Ladies and Gentle: The Amazon Fire Smartphone:What You Need To Know

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Yes guys,we now have a new kid on the smartphone block the Amazon Fire,which if you are a frequent reader of tech websites know this is no way a surprise to many as the Amazon smartphone rumors have been circulating around the web since last year.

So what's there to know about the new Fire Smartphone by Amazon,the Fire Phone has a 4,7-inch Gorilla Glass display with an HD-resolution screen at 720p, with aluminum buttons, a Qualcomm processor,Adreno 330 graphics, and 2GB of RAM. It is 0.35 inches in thickness, and weighs approximately 5.64 ounces. So basically what you get with the Fire Phone in terms of hardware is what you'll get with many smartphones present on the market,but the big question is what about features and software which is usually the biggest selling point of a smartphone.

Amazon Fire Phone will run on a Android-base Fire OS, same OS as seen the Kindle fire which will come with a little tweaks here and there. The carousel of all the recent items on the Fire OS is still the same but this time there will be "active widgets" showing recent activity in these apps as you swipe through each app. There will be a three panel design: one will be for navigation, one for primary content,one for music.


The camera on the Fire Phone in terms of pixels is pretty much standard as seen on most smartphones on the current market it has 13-megapixels,an f/20 lens, and a optical image stabilization,it has the ability to capture 1080p video. The Fire Phone camera has a quick-access shutter button on the side of the device(more on the camera or cameras in a few).

Probably the most standout feature on the Fire Phone is its 3D interface,unlike most 3D phones on the market,the 3D interface will follow you around,thanks in part to the Fire Phone unique head-tracking system which Jeff Bezo dubs it the Dynamic Perspective. It uses Four cameras (Yes there is four front facing cameras) on each camera there's a 120-degree field of view and infrared light. This will also use a global shutter instead of a rolling shutter.

Other additives on the Fire Phone includes a dual stereo speakers along with a support of Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. It comes with earphones which is a tangle free flat cable plus a magnetic ear-buds that clasp together. Then there's X-Ray,yes an X-Ray feature for the second screen functionality. it also will have what's call a ASAP feature acronym for ADVANCED STREAMING and PREDICTION, this will support the Fire Phone ability to fling videos to a Miracast devices ( for an example Fire TV). It will support Prime offerings like Music and Videos.

ATT&T will get first dibs on the Fire Phone for $199 32GB version, or $299 for 64GB. If by any chance you want to go off contract,you can get the phone directly from Amazon for $649 for 32GB and $749 for 64GB. The Fire Phone is set to hit the market July 25th 2014.


Quick note: The Fore Phone as far as connectivity goes will have nine bands of LTE, quad-band GSM,five bands of UMTS, 802.11ac support WiFi channel bonding,NFC button. The Fire Phone battery life promises to have 285 hours of standby time,22 hours of talk time,65 hours of audio and 11 hours of video playback.