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SoundCloud For iOS Gets A Face Lift

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I'm the first to admit I wasn't always a frequent user of SoundCloud that is until recently this year. If I had to describe SoundCloud,I would say its a true audio library. Probably the biggest advantages of using SoundCloud is up and coming artist can always distribute their music to the masses.

The IOS version of SoundCloud has gotten a major face lift that makes it very easy for users to access tracks in a rapid fire fashion. Simplicity and focused aesthetic overhaul doesn't tell the entire story, the app now features a "one thumb' controls" you can tap anywhere toggle play/pause,swiping skip tracks and slide along the tunes waveForm and correspond to artwork.

The upgraded app also features a new You Tab that allows users to compile tracks,artist and playlists that you like and created from scratch combined in one place so you have easy access. Songs that's found on the search page can be played from section in addition to allowing users to quick follow.

Clearly SoundCloud has put a greater emphasis on listening to music,there are many features that is minus from this new upgrade like recording which is no longer built into the app.I'm playing around with ,SoundCloud as I'm writing this post so I will give you my quick review on this app very soon.

The new upgrade is now available for download in the iOS app store.

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