Is The Moto 360 The Best Smartwatch On The Market Thus Far?

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My biggest complaint about smartwatches has always been its need to do more in terms of functionality. Though I myself own a Pebble smartwatch,I wish it can do more,wasn't so square,and I wished the interface was a little bit more appealing. Don't get me wrong,I love my Pebble smart watch, I don't leave the house without. If  you read my  review on the Pebble smarrwatch that I posted on this site earlier this year,I mentioned how I never take the watch off of my arm,it shower with it,sleep with it and work in it,it has its many uses. With that said,I've kinda grown bored with my Pebble because once again I just wish it can more. Is there a smartwatch out there that has a different design,one that is not square with a pretty cool interface. Of course there is,its in a form of a Moto 360,the first watch to intro  Android Wear mobile OS. The new Moto 360 smartwatch in my opinion is a device that seems to have gotten it right in the wearable technology realm.Lets take a quick look at why this may be the best smartwatch to hit the market thus far.

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What makes the Moto 360 the smartwatch that gets it right? Well you'll have to break this particular smartwatch down into two categories,that's design and user interface. The design of the Moto 360 kept it simple and traditional by going with a circular large display,more important its not square. This the design many were in favor of every since viewing mocked designs we witness on several websites earlier this year. Its round design suggests that Google wants to appeal to both the female and male consumer base. The round face from my viewing angle seems like its the size of a silver dollar its encased in steel and its about as thick as the latest Pebble Steel smartwatch,the Moto 360 once again kept it traditional with an all leather watch band.


The user interface is Google's own Material Design UI language which works seamlessly with its drag-gable interface elements that float up and down with underlying graphics,this gives it a great sense of depth and fluidity . Users can swipe up and down through Google Now-style cards,at the same time right flick apps out of the list,kind of what you see in iOS and Android were smartphone users can swipe off apps that's running in the background. The home-screen on the watches face drags down from the top which exposes the battery status gauge as well as a flipping the Moto 360 in and out of mute mode.

The Moto 360 has a little bit more in functionality than current smartwatches you see on the market,it includes voice commands for sending texts,getting directions, and music playback, you can also receive and dismiss notifications,accept and decline phone calls, and dictate notes and reminders.

Other features on the Moto 360 smartwatch includes one single button and a built-in microphone. The weird thing is there is no standard charge connector on the device, all signs points to some sort of built in wireless charging. Those are some of the main features in the Moto 360 smartwatch,the device is expected to be release sometime this Summer,there is no actual retail price for the Moto 360,many think this watch will retail in the $250 range.